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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  July 3, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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>> today on "christian world news" crackdown in iran, hundreds of christians bliind bs and one pastor facing a death sentence. >> this flavors the gospel message with creole cooking. >> how a selfish lark led to a lifetime of service and rescue of hundreds of children in nepal.
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christians jailed in iran. one pastor could pay for his faith with his life. hello everyone i am wendy griffith. george thomas is on aassignmt. arack dn against christians in iran, targeting house church pastors and leaders. hundreds have been imprisoned since the beginning of the year. gary lane has more. reporter: crackdown has led to 285 believers in 35 cities arrested in iran in the past 6 months. according to elam ministries, an organization that serves christians in that country. many have spent weeks and months in prison, long stretches in solitary confinement and endured interrogations and psychological abuse. iranian pastor hormoz shariat is with antioch ministries and
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hosts a talk show. >> most don't tell their family if they can't have a lawyer, even a formal charge, sometimes they get killed without a formal charge. >> when he became president in 1985, mahmoud ahmadenijad launched a crackdown, david yeghnazar says the government's efforts are intensifying. >> in particular, the last year has been very, the persecution has gained momentum. that is because the church is growing with increasing momentum. >> yeghnazar and shariat says the government is admitting they are becoming christians. >> they are warning people and stated publically, they will ae rest people becoming christians and close down networks of house
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churches. >> so the government is intentionally going after the house churches. the supreme leader last october came and said house churches in iran are a threat to our national security. >> that was a signal says shariat for the government to target house-church christians and their leaders. iranian ayatollah mesbah yazdi warns among iranian youth and the government crack droun has stop the spread of christianity in iran. iran's government will continue the crackdown and many iranians are worried that it will arise in other countries. uprising spread throughout the middle east, they are learning from what happened in iran in 1979, iranian's protested and
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got ayatollah khomeini instead. >> we wanted freedom and allah, the religious fanatics take over. don't let that happen to you. >> gary lane cbn news. >> we are learning more about the pressure in iran, a pastor could be executed. iranian court has upheld the death sentence of 34-year-old usef. the house church pastor arrested in october 2009 after he protested a government decision forcing christian school children to be taught islam. joining us now from oklahoma is todd meddleton, what else can you tell us about pastor usef? >> this man went to the islamic
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school and said listen i understand all the families have been given instruction. my children should be given christian instruction not according to islam. that put him on the radar of the authorities, subsequently arrested him, accused him and found guilty and sentenced to die for that crime. >> todd, no pastor has been executed in iran. what are the chances that the iranian government will carry this out? >> that is the million dollar question. it has been 20 years since someone has executed in iran. we have seen an increase strie dan si towards the house-church movement. before house churches were
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raided and kept quiet. now house churches raided, people arrested and on the evening news and imams preaching about it. it is looks seriously like they could carry out this execution as a part of this increased crack down on christians. >> todd, what do you think is behind the recent crackdown in iran? >> here is the good news, church growing so fast that the government doesn't know how to respond and stop people from coming to christ. they are seeking everything they can including these very harsh crackdowns. >> what can our viewers do, first pray, but how can they make a difference with this islamic regime? >> we have posted youcef on our
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website, write letters to iranian court systems. we want people to write e-mails and let them know the world is watching how they treat this pastor and christians in their country. >> in deed, we need to remind viewers to pray for the pastor youcef. todd, voice for the martyrs, thank you so much. check out our "christian world news" website, there you will find links mentioned in this story. political unrest in senegal has christians on high alert. muslim protesters burn down 2 churches in the capitol city of dakar.
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the upcoming presidential election sparked riots across the city with more than 100 people injuried. government imposed curfew and cut off power. cbn news spoke with one christian living in dakar, we won't mention his name or men ministry. we tells us why they are taking available of the political unrest to target christians. >> there is a muslim radical element that exists the dakar, traditionally underground. this group has existed for some time. they are using this political unrest and power shortages as cover to attack these churches now. >> christian leaders in senegal declared sunday july 3rd a day of prayer and fasting. coming up on "christian world news" cooking up something big in haiti.
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>> a white person speaking their language eating their food and enjoying as i really do enjoy it. >> how this american missionary is spicing up the gospel message.
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>> welcome back. it has been almost a year and a half since the earthquake that devastated haiti's capitol, port-au-prince. haitian struggle to rebuild their lives, a unique television show, la boone nouvelle is giving them a sense of hope. stan jeter reports from port-au-prince. >> reporter: joel trimble has offered haitians a unique tv recipe for the past 6 years, part travel log, part food show, spiritual counsel and encouragement. >> i love the haitian people and love to minister the gospel. i want to go where the people are and show them the beauty of their nation. >> show has built a strong
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audience around haiti and haitian communities overseas. the most popular feature is the food segment. >> they love to watch my reaction, a white person eating their food. >> program takes viewers to a different part of the country every week. its travel with a purpose and antidote to all the bad news about haiti. >> could be the clinic, hospital, coffee or mango exportation. we show them the beauty of their country, positive story around something taking place and do a documentary, a travel-channel type of format. and in the middle i give a little council for life. >> trimble counsel parents about the importance of investing in the lives of their children. typically, he'll show a christian film and invite people
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to follow christ. in a nation that struggled for generations to free itself from poverty, trimble's messages well received. >> we are able to bring the gospel into the living rooms and homes of haitian people in a practical way and make them feel good about their country and themselves but the principles of god. >> the devastating earthquake of 2010, nobody knows how many dies, estimates go as high as 200,000. for the past year, the world has focussed on the needs of the survivors. >> government estimates a million people lost their homes. they came to live in places like this. this used to be a golf course. life is hard in these tent cities. many are finding hope for the future right here. [singing].
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haitians still flocking to church services in this tent city and throughout the capitol. evidence, trimble says of a growing spiritual revival. >> we never imagined revival would come in the form of a disaster. people would say haiti would be a good example if it turned around. i can say not just the beginning of a transformation, we are seeing it take place in front of our very eyes. >> trimble came to haiti as a missionary in 1975. he and his wife have helped plant churches, like this one, known as the church of the final hour. their church collapsed during the earthquake. 500 new people have started attending their worship services. >> it is amazing. this is the appropriate thing that god has given to us. this church is going to spread
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the gospel hour. this is just the beginning. >> on the first anniversary of the earthquake, trimble organized a rally in front of the ruined national palace drawing over 100,000 haitians. >> we call it celebrate life. we decided we were going to celebrate life in jesus for those of us that were spared. >> trimble says the good news in haiti are greater now than ever before. he believes he is helping to build a new foundation of christianity that brings god's blessing to haiti. >> it will bring political leaders to integrity and honesty and husbands being faithful to their wives and government employees that can be trusted to handle aid funds that come into the country. >> all desperately needed changes in post earthquake
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haiti. stan jeter, "christian world news." >> he started out on a global journey t. plight of these kids stopped him in his tracks. hear the story of one n'sork toave nepal'children owar.
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>> operation blessing teams aiding flood victims in the philippines. heavy rains caused 4 weeks of flooding. rice fields destroyed. flooding could last for months, operation blessing is distributing mats and blankets to shelters and medical clinics and feeding programs. they hope to feed as many as 5,000 children. connor grenen has reunited 100s of children lost forever.
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he never planned to go into this line of work, grew out of an adventure that grew into something much more. it changed his life and thousands of others. >> connor, when you went to nepal in 2004, you were going on one kind of adventure and turned out to be a totally different adventure? >> absolutely. i wanted to see the world and only volunteered because my friends guilted me into it. i wasn't a christian at the time. i wanted to have fun. >> what did you discover about the kids? >> i found i had a heart for kids, i never could have expected, came back a year later, the truth, these kids weren't orphans. a mother came to the gate and said i think you have 2 of my children. we couldn't understand how that could be possible. she told us this extrodinary
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story. civil war was going on in nepal in 2006. rebels were abducting children to put into their army, 5, 6, 7-year-old kids. parents were desperate and would give them to men promising them a better future. they said i'll take them to kathmandu. parents ended up saving up and giving up their life savings for this service and giving up their children. they would never see their children ever again. >> basically, you have risked your life to reunite these children with their parents? >> absolutely. i didn't go out to do any of this stuff. when i get back to new york, it was in the middle of revolution in nepal, the children had been snatched away from us and i realized, first of all i have to search for them. it would take a miracle. it was hard to think about
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miracles. one by one started to find them. i have to find their families. so i did the easiest and dumbest thing i could think of, really, fly as deep into the mountains to the last flat land and put on a backpack and take photos of the kids and walk for weeks. >> you found them? >> i found all of them, 24 families and kids. >> might never have come back. >> the traffickers were coming after me. that was i didn't want to think too much. it took me 4 weeks, got injuried and snowed in. i found them. >> during all of this, you reached out to god, what happened? >> i got to know a wonderful woman, liz flangan coming to
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volunteer. she was so passionate with the kids. that was the face of christianity. i thought i want to learn more about this. i bought bought the only bible in kathmandu. i started reading the gospel expecting to find all the things people told me, bigotry and small mindedness and found none of that. in the land surrounded by hindus and buddhist, christ got to me. >> you founded next generation nepal. what is it doing to help reunite trafficked childrenn with their parents? >> i was totally broke and needed money to help look for the kids. now what we are doing is sending teams out in the mountains to try to find the families of these kids. we thought there were a few dozen kids, there are about
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15,000 kids trafficked in this way, 600 orphanages where kids are starving to death. last week we rescued them. we try to figure out as much information, we put on backpacks and walk from village to vilge and don't come back. >> you have written a book called "little prince sesz.">>you can learn more at his work at nextgenerationnepal website find a link on our website we'll be right back.
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>> finally today israel is launching a new tourism adventure. aim is to let visitors walk with jesus walked cbn news, julie
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stall takes us down the gospel trail. >> reporter: for years tourist have spent much of the time in the holy land stuck in buses, now they can walk paths of trails similarly walked by by jesus. leaving nazareth, he came and dealt in capernaum by the sea in the regions of zebulan and natali. >> this is a new project every christian should experience. we are trying to give this spiritual special experience to the christian people. >> this is mount precipice and behind me is the jez yal valley. angry crowds walked through this
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midst and walked their way. >> first part of the trail carved into the trail. >> it is not for professional hikers. it is for young people and old people. >> hikers can tackle the entire 37-mile trail or trail or a shorter stretch. trail project manager amere says the symbol of an anchor of a stone pillar marks the route. >> we see on the rock, there as you see we can see from a long distance, this is exactly the way people 1,000 years ago signed the ways. >> it wounds up mount a bell and mount of the attitudes where it is believed jesus preached his sermon on the mount.
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>> this is the same landscape as it was 2,000 years ago. we choosed the root which is not developed, almost all the way, looked exactly like in that ancien times. >> in capernaum, jesus home base, pilgrams can end their trek with a boat ride, the same water on which jesus walked. cbn news, the galilee. >> the bible comes to life there. who knows they met you walk on the water where jesus walked. thanks for joining us, until next week, from all of us here on "christia
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